• Gallery Introduction

    Through printmaking with Stone Lithography techniques I am able to explore and develop ideas begun in my drawing  research.









    Unique drawings on the limestone are chemically processed and become characteristically stone litho images.These prints inspire further drawings and the cyclical dialogue continues. 








    These dialogues evolve as patterns of unconscious and conscious modes  of response and reflective drawing. Spontaneous images provide insight into the pre-symbolic nature of visual communication.



















    This drawing research constitutes the basis of my art practice.

    Concepts and themes become imaginatively articulated through the dialogues; and exploring personal themes brings visual insight into universal concerns.  

    My print work explores ideas about female identity, image appropriation and consumerist culture; and include; 'Dream Rushes', 'Icon Pillow', 'Womb Hermit'

    The print image titled  'Rope, tricks' inspired a concrete poem about the industrial revolution and its social effects; in keeping with the print tradition of social and political commentary. The print

    'Achilles Heal' is a playful title for this unconscious print drawing, which contemplates aesthetic and transformative healing aspects of visual imagery. 

    The print 'Absorbing' grew out of a long series of drawings concerned with the concept of time; and the ancient material of limestone which is comprised of layers of sea creatures compacted over millenia. An unconscious 'accidental' drawing, this print made in the maniere noir technique seems to embody the essence of the stone as planetary material; as well as articulate a sense of the absurdity of timekeeping. 

    The print title 'A Present' is a pun on the idea of time and the present. It also refers to the giving of a present at an anniversary. This print inspired a haiku poem as it was itself inspired by the haiku form; a living poem in the present tense of a happening activity; an embodiment of time in breath and thought.

    The print is gestural, and in an ever present momentum of movement embodies the idea of breath and the Taoist idea of Zen breath; the concentrating task of being present  in the timeless present. 

    In contrast with the theme of 'A Present' the later print 'Womb Hermit' is a disrupted present and presence. Its calligraphic gestural forming/seeking balance in a disruption of reality.  Drawn unconsciously without  conscious intention; on later reflection a possibility of meaning/ interpretation emerged as it became apparent as a differently experienced reality; of an instance of life mediated by consumerist culture.  

    The print 'Womb Hermit' presents an antithetical reality to the balance of presence evinced by the even momentum of breath as embodied in the print 'A Present'.  

    Through my art working research, I  concentrate a focus on unconscious expression through material possibilities; opening a way of discovering an expressive, visual authenticity of feeling. 




  • Stone Lithography

    Stone Lithography has a unique quality of texture and subtlety which gives drawing an inspiring breadth of mark making possibilities. I draw directly onto the stone with a loose feeling/idea, a response to the dialogue images, the new drawing is unique to the stone. 

    Working directly with the limestone an elemental and vital experience of drawing becomes possible. In this way a primal instinctive expression  becomes activated. The process is both captivating   and contemplative.

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    Please contact me to enquire about purchasing the print of your choice.

    There are a number of unique editions available for purchase.

    Paypal accepted. Prints sent first class and by registered post 

All images and poetry copyright of the artist - please contact for permission to share

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